June 19, 2024
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GDS Between the Sticks

This season instead of publishing man/girl of the matches each week we have decided to do something a little different.

On a weekly basis we would like to publish a news piece on one Keeper called GDS Between the Sticks. So we would like all of our Keepers to write a little bit about themselves and what GDS means to them. It will need to include things such as your nickname your age, how long you have been at GDS why you like it, how it has helped you and any funny stories you can think of. You can include specific things that have happened where GDS coaching has really helped you in a match or any real life examples. We will pick the best pieces each week throughout the season. The piece should be no longer than 250- 300 words.

We also want the Keepers to look on Flickr and find their favourite photo of themselves and submit it along with their news piece. If you are new and there are no photos of you yet please be patient – Caz will take some photos at your training centre at some point throughout the season.

Each week we will choose a Keeper to go into our GDS Between the Sticks section and it will be published on our website and social media.

To access Flickr CLICK HERE

To submit your news piece send it and your favourite photograph from Flickr by email to BetweenTheSticks@goalkeeperdevelopment.com

The best piece during each month will also win a GDS prize

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