June 19, 2024
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GDS Goalkeeper of the YEAR – 2021 – ZEBRA

We are very proud to announce that GDS Goalkeeper of the Year for 2021 is Zebra

Zebra has been coming to GDS for over 5 years. A small boy turned up one cold Saturday morning wearing black and white stripy boots and Zebra was born.

Zebra needed a lot of work all round in terms of his goalkeeping and his football skills when he first arrived but he never ever missed a session. You can count the sessions that he has missed on one hand for the 5 years that he has been with us. This kind of dedication and work ethic means that he will very quickly start to improve, and that he did.

Over the years, Zebra has attended at all three of our centres and he has worked his way up through the groups, improving his ability and he is now an A-lister. Not many people can score a goal past Zebra. His effort in sessions, his strength and presence in goal, his technique and immense shot stopping skills is all credit to his hard work and and taking on board the information he has been given. He is now a first class keeper and is still improving.

Zebra is a Keeper that could be chosen every session for Keeper of the day and every month for Keeper of the month. For his continuous hard work, his dedication and attendance, he is more than worthy of this award across both Centres – GDS Goalkeeper of the Year for 2021.

Congratulations Zebra!

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