June 17, 2024
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Keeper of the Month – January/February 2022: Smiler

Smiler was awarded with Keeper of the month for January and February 2022.

Smiler joined GDS on a Saturday morning approximately 18 months ago as an outfield player after standing in as a Goalie and loving it. As an older newbie to Goalkeeping he had a natural flair to somehow keep the ball out of the net with any part of his body, and as he began to attend the sessions hungry for knowledge, the technique stuck very quickly.

He soon became a dual centre Keeper and began training with us not only on a Saturday morning but also on a Friday night and due to this he very quickly progressed in his all round ability as a Goalkeeper.

Smiler is a quiet and extremely polite young man that never stops smiling hence his name. He is very often voted up by his Coaches due to the absolute total effort and work rate he puts in every single session – no exception.

Smiler is a pleasure to coach and just recently it has been noted that he has also been showing some leadership with the younger keepers too which is very good to see.

This award is very well deserved. Congratulations Smiler and keep it up.

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