June 19, 2024
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Goalkeeper of the Month for February 2023 – Aguero

Aguero - February 2023

We are extremely proud to announce that Aguero is Keeper of the month for February 2023. 

Aguero attends at our Charlemont Centre on a Saturday morning and has been with us for approximately 2 years.

During his first session he was involved in a basic shot-stopping drill where he was required to shoot past the Keeper in goal. His top corner goal scoring ability immediately gave us the opportunity of christening him Aguero. 

Throughout the time Aguero has been with us he has always been an extremely respectful, polite and well mannered young man, who listens in sessions, works hard, puts in 100% effort, taking on board coaching points to improve his game. 

Gradually Aguero’s technique, presence and shot-stopping ability began to improve week on week until just recently where he has become a very very good young Keeper who is difficult to score past. 

Aguero is very often voted up by his coach, he is a team player and is an absolute pleasure to coach. He very much deserves this award. 

Congratulations young man and keep up the hard work. 

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