June 17, 2024
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GDS produces Walsall FC Keepers

William Jones aka Conehead has just recently been signed into the Walsall FC boys Academy. Liv Wells Senior Keeper & Junior Manager at GDS was signed at Walsall FC in 2022 as the Ladies First Team Keeper.

Conehead has been training with GDS for 4 years and is an exceptional Keeper, he has gone from strength to strength with GDS and has just recently won Keeper of the Year award.

Liv has been with GDS for 8 years and has played at Wolverhampton Wanderers FC and Birmingham City FC during that time and is an extremely talented and outstanding Keeper.

Head Coach of GDS Dave Woodhall, who was previously Head of Goalkeeping at Walsall FC, commented that he is extremely proud of both Liv’s and Conehead’s achievements. By attending a programme like GDS where the young Keepers are coached properly, taught some discipline, they gain self-confidence, also having a lot of fun and they become the best that they can be, not only in the art of Goalkeeping but it also sets them up with skills for life.

Caz Wells, General Manager and Coach at GDS commented, there is a pathway at GDS where young Keepers can be recognised for their leadership skills and work their way up through the ranks and finally become coaches if that’s what they want to do. GDS give them opportunity to push themselves with the support and help in a safe environment.

Liv and Conehead are examples of what can be achieved with a lot of hard work and dedication and the right training.

Massive congratulations both.

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