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Goalkeeper of the Month for July 2022 – Marley

Marley - July 2022

We are very pleased to announce that Goalkeeper of the month for July is Marley

Marley has been training with GDS for approximately 4 years and began at our Tuesday night venue. He was around the age of 9 when he appeared but was that tall he could have been 14! He was extremely shy, with a lack of confidence and really didn’t have any footballing skills at all.

But Marley was very keen to learn and hung on to every word the coaches told him, putting into practice everything that he could. Marley was and still is an extremely polite and quiet young man, he listens well but is very determined in his approach.

Over the years Marley has missed only a handful of sessions, his dedication to GDS and to his development has certainly paid off as he has moved through the groups and progressed steadily.

For some Keepers there comes a time when it all suddenly comes together with a bang. This has happened for Marley. During the month of July Marley has become an absolute beast of a Keeper. He is very tall, strong, his presence in goal is immense, but it has all suddenly come together for him. His diving, his hand eye co-ordination, his shot-stopping, footwork and a handling. Marley is incredible. He has been working with the A-listers and there have been comments from the group and the coaches about how good Marley now is.

Keep this up Marley you are some Keeper now – well done and big congratulations for all the hard work and determination. Practice makes perfection.

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