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Goalkeeper of the Month June 2022 – Knock Knock

Knock Knock - June

We are very pleased to announce that Goalkeeper of the Month for June 2022 is Knock Knock

Knock Knock has been training with us for approximately a year and started at our Charlemont centre. This young shy lad appeared and we asked him what his name was…..”Uzair” he said… and there Knock Knock was born!

It wasn’t too long before Knock Knock transferred to our Gospel Oak centre where he flourished. He was completely focussed on listening to coaching points, being 100% involved in the drills and putting in incredible amounts of effort.

What Knock Knock has though at such a young age is an immense bravery and a way of just keeping the ball out of the net. His speed and presence in goal and the incredible saves he makes for such a young player have been noted during the sessions and also in the small sided matches.

Throughout June and also July Knock Knock has improved immensely. His attitude and performance is getting better and better. He is an excellent goalkeeper for his age and will continue to develop if he keeps on putting this amount of effort in.

Keep up the good work Knock Knock. Congratulations on this award it is very well deserved.

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