February 23, 2024
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Goalkeeper of the Month – October 2021: Bean

Bean - October 2021

We are very pleased to announce that Goalkeeper of the Month for October 2021 is Bean

Bean has been training with us at our Friday night venue for almost 5 years. When he started he had a lot to learn with regards Goalkeeping and also football but the one thing that has remained consistent with Bean throughout the whole time he has attended is his ability to make people laugh. He has an infectious personality and is such a likeable young man.

Whoever has had the pleasure to coach Bean over the years has only ever had good things to say. Bean always tries his best in sessions, he listens well and puts coaching points into practice and has continuously developed over the months and years.

The other exceptional quality about Bean is his kindness and protectiveness towards other Keepers, especially those younger than himself, this in itself shows what a mature and lovely young man he is growing up to be.

Over the last few months and October in particular Bean has excelled in his Goalkeeping. He has suddenly become an outstanding shotstopper, he has become strong and has excellent presence in goal. He has no fear and his technique has come together.

For all of these reasons Bean thoroughly deserves Keeper of the month. He is an absolute pleasure to coach.

Well done Bean – keep up the fantastic work and attitude.

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