February 23, 2024
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Goalkeeper of the Year 2022 – Charlemont: Conehead

Conehead - 2022 Charlemont

We are very proud to announce that Goalkeeper of the Year for 2022 at Charlemont is Conehead.

Conehead has been a very strong technical young Keeper for a long time now and he worked his way up to the highest group where he has been for the last couple of years.

His ability has continued to improve and develop over the last year in particular and this goes hand in hand with his outstanding attitude and work ethic. He alway wants to do more in sessions, he pushes himself to the limit and he encourages others that he works with.

The hard work Conehead has put in has paid off because during the back end of 2022 he was signed for a professional Academy and this is all down to his years of training and dedication.

This award is well deserved young man. Keep up the hard work and never change that attitude and work ethic.

Congratulations Conehead!

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