June 17, 2024
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Goalkeeper of the Month – January 2023: Pickford

Pickford - January 2023

We are very proud to announce that Goalkeeper of the month for January 2023 is Pickford

Pickford has been training with GDS for approximately 12 months and started at our Charlemont Centre. When he arrived, although very passionate about the game and being a Keeper he had no experience, technical skills or ability to do much with the ball at all. Let’s say he had a lot to learn. But, this is what GDS is for, this is what we are here for and this is where we excel.

Pickford was given a lot of help and assistance at the very beginning. He was shown how to dive in very basic steps, he was given homework to take away and practice basics and he worked extremely hard to learn.

The one thing that Pickford was never scared of and that was going in goal. He couldn’t dive properly at the beginning but he would put his hand up and go in goal. Every single time. This in itself showed courage, determination and a confidence that not many have.

Over time Pickford kept at it, listening and learning and slowly he started to come good.

The other amazing part to Pickford is his personality. He will do something that has the whole group on the floor in stitches without knowing it. He is also very intelligent and understands the drills and sessions and remembers them extremely well, answering questions easily. He helps younger members when paired up with them. He really has become a great asset to any group he is in.

He has recently started training at both of our centres and since doing this his technical skills, shot-stopping and presence in goal have improved immensely. During January we have seen him make saves he would never have made last year and he is now looking like a very good young Keeper indeed.

Massive congratulations Pickford, this award is very well deserved. We are very proud of your progress young man – keep up the good work!

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