February 29, 2024
Keeper of the month December - Billy

Hard work at Charlemont

We had a good turnout at Charlemont on Saturday. The weather wasn’t the best but brightened up a bit towards the end of the session.

Again as at Ellowes the topic was One on One’s technique which is good practice for those starting the new season. Starting at a low level and progressing up to a higher level and a match like situation. Working in pairs to begin with then as the session progressed there were three groups. Main coaching points are to come out early and to take the ball when the striker takes a bad touch, keep low and ensure your head is tucked in when on the ground.

GDS Coaches Andy and Beth took the medium and big groups and Head Coach Dave took the small groups. Thanks as usual for their assistance.

The match seemed odds on that Dave’s team was going to win as they were ahead by 8-0 with 10 minutes to go but the opposing team pulled it back and won 9-10! That is what you call team work!

Thanks again to the parents for their assistance for packing away the kit.

It was JJ’s birthday who gave out sweets to everyone – big GDS Happy Birthday 🙂

Keeper of the day was Lightning who was excellent throughout. Photo seen with Head Coach Dave

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