February 29, 2024
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Keeper of the Month for August 2021 – Streakie

Streakie - August 2021

We are very pleased to announce that Keeper of the month for August 2021 is Streakie.

Streakie trains with us at the Charlemont centre and has been attending for approx 2 years. When he first arrived he was a very shy, quiet and polite lad, who did his best in the drills, but often turned up late without boots or gloves but always put 100% effort in.

Over the weeks and the months Streakie started to improve. His technique began to come together and his shot-stopping began to get better and better. As he grew bigger and stronger he started to look like an accomplished Keeper.

One Saturday Streakie’s Mom came and spoke to us and said he didn’t want to come anymore. The reason was that he couldn’t be bothered to get up and she asked us to talk to him, so we did.

Following that Saturday there has been a real change in Streakie. His attitude, his motivation and his performance. He has put so much effort in. He has shown everyone what he can do. He has been moved up a group because he has worked extremely hard and proved that he can excel. He has been voted up again and again by coaches due to his performances.

Streakie totally deserved this award. Keep up the good work, keep going and keep getting better. Well done and congratulations!

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