June 17, 2024
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Lilleshall Information & Tickets: photos & video from 2016

As you all know very shortly we have our annual Lilleshall event in July. It was a fantastic day for all last year and we intend to not only do the same again but also have a couple of new additions to the programme which we will hopefully announce in due course.

We have had many new Keepers join GDS since our Lilleshall event last year. All have been invited to join us but lots of you have been asking what it is all about. Below are some photographs and a short video which were taken during the training session that went on.

CLICK BELOW for the Photos of the training session

GDS Training Session at National Sports Centre Lilleshall 17/07/16

Click below for the Video:

If you need more information please ask anybody who attended last year or any coaches or indeed Dave or Caz.

For those who have been given Lilleshall letters you can buy your Lilleshall tickets online by CLICKING HERE. The closing date is Friday 16th June. There will be no exceptions to this at all as the Tshirts need to be ordered.

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