June 17, 2024
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BREAKING NEWS: GDS Prediction Sheets Winners

During last summer all Keepers worked very hard helping GDS raise money to help pay for winter pitches. Prediction sheets were filled in for £1 for certain football stats for the season of 2016/2017 with points attached to the answers. We have now marked all of the sheets and the results are below:

470 prediction sheets were entered with a possible total of 100 points

1st Prize – £164.50 – is JOHN EVANS with 64 points entered by Dangerous

2nd Prize – £47 – is JOSH LEONARD with 54 points entered by Mason

3rd Prize – £23.50 is a tie with 52 points each!! £12 for STEVE EVITTS entered by  Mason and £12 for JAY WALKER entered by JJ

Well done to all those that entered and thanks again to everyone who helped. We will be doing this again soon so for next season so all support would be appreciated.

We will present cheques to our winners shortly 🙂

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