June 17, 2024
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Lilleshall Update

Thank you to all those who bought Lilleshall tickets. We have a total of 50 Players attending which is a fantastic number!

You won’t be handed out tickets – your name is on a register and you will be required to book in on arrival. You will also be presented your special T-shirt at the end of the day.

What you need to know for now:

Players Clothing: this is extremely important. Every player MUST wear the following with no exception:

  • Black GDS T-shirt
  • Plain black shorts, 3/4 shorts or trousers
  • Plain black socks

We are hoping for a dry sunny day like last year (fingers crossed) but if it happens to rain then the Players either need to stay in the above clothing OR wear a GDS waterproof. No other waterproof coats or tops will be allowed.

We have some waterproofs in stock currently but please do not come to us a week before the event expecting us to have your size – it is a 10 working day lead time and it is a very busy period at the moment. Please think ahead.

The same goes for caps. We also have a number in stock but we do not want lots of different coloured caps when we have GDS caps available.

The reason we are insisting on the above is that we we are hoping to take some promotional video clips from the day and also lots of photographs at this first class venue.

Players who do not follow this will not be allowed to train.

CLICK HERE if you wish to order anything online.

The basic three items is the main thing to remember – black, black and black!

More information about the itinerary will be made available soon


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