June 19, 2024
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The sun shone for England Drills at Charlemont

What a warm sunny morning is was yesterday for our session at Charlemont. Certainly not like normal Bank Holiday weekends in England!

England Drills was the session which like the Friday session uses a lot of kit and includes a variety of different drills such as footwork, handling and shot-stopping. This time we also had access to Liv’s Crazy Catch Wild Child Rebounder which also added a fantastic shot-stopping drill to the mix.

All Keepers worked very hard in the heat and it was good to see them use their own initiative in the warm up sessions with leaders of each group in charge of warming their Keepers up.

Following the drills the Octagon game came into play again where a circle of Keepers are in goal with a Striker in the middle. People on the outside lob the ball in and the Striker will randomly try to get any Keeper out. Each Keeper has three lives. This game is proving to be rather popular.

Thanks to Senior Keepers Andre, Beth and Justine for their assistance and thanks to Caz for helping out where needed and also for taking photographs.

Photos will be available shortly via the website, Facebook, Twitter and Flickr pages. A massive thank you to all Keepers for wearing GDS kit

Keeper of the day was Errol who not only worked very well all day but saved some great strikes in the Octagon game. Congratulations to Errol. Photo seen with Andre Senior Keeper.

Keeper of the month was also announced in this session which went to Spike Bustleholme FC Keeper. Click here for full details.

For details of our Bank Holiday training hours click here 

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