June 17, 2024
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Training tonight at our new venue Ormiston Sandwell Academy

Our 10 week course begins tonight at Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy (OSCA)

Click here for venue details

The training starts at 18:30 and ends at 20:30. NB For the first couple of weeks it may finish slightly earlier than 20:30 due to the light

If you have younger Keepers and you wish to take them out of the training earlier than 20:30 there will be a natural break at 20:00 where they will be able to leave the session.

Price for individual sessions is £7 but you still have the opportunity to pay for the course up front and save £10.

Click here if you wish to do this online. Alternatively you can pay cash tonight.

The GDS Crew look forward to seeing you all there later 🙂


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