June 17, 2024
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Young Keepers Liv & Gambol move through GDS pathway and join Coaching Team

We are extremely pleased to announce that two of our young Senior Keepers have been promoted into our coaching team

They have both been with GDS for a significant number of years and throughout the time have followed the leadership pathway that GDS offers. They are both very talented young Keepers and were initially promoted into Senior Keepers which gave them additional responsibilities such as doing demos, looking after younger Keepers, organising the kit, drills and groups and also doing some coaching.

Liv and Gambol are both high achievers setting a great example to younger Keepers at GDS. Liv plays in goal at the highest level of womens football and Gambol is a Great British champion at Gymnastics. They have both been a great asset to GDS and are now ready to move on the the next step and join the Coaching Team.

As they are still both young talented Keepers they will perform a hybrid role of training, doing demos and also coaching when we need them to coach. They will also go through the formal GDS coaching programme but over an extended period of time.

Big congratulations to Liv and Gambol.

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